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Stalked by a boyfriend, girlfriend or evil warlock? You need the ‘Poppet’ Prop Replica to lose a love forever. You will receive one 9" Poppet, cast and finished to look like real hardened dough. Also included is a Red artificial Rose and a Pink Birthday candle. (Perhaps Witch supplies were running a little low?)
The Poppets chest is pre creased, to fit the rose perfectly. Simply push the Rose into place, incant the spell and rid yourself of the unwanted love.
Product Details:
- Hand sculpted Poppet
- Cast in a durable, hard Resin*
- Painted and finished to look like real Dough
- Includes a Red Silk Rose, Pink Birthday Candle
* Please note, this is NOT real Dough.
Shipping Time: 3-5 days

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